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Sandra Bullock

Hurrah! It’s time to add another totally awesome addition to our Totally Hot Sci-fi Chicks Hall of Fame! And today it’s the turn of this o so fine example of female gorgeousness!

that’s right it’s the turn of our very own Sandra Bullock!!! Now I feel I should point out that I’m writing this entry from a purely bias point of view. I mean I have many works of art on my office walls, many of which are abstract, but I only have two pictures of women on my walls one of my daughter on my desk … and the other? Sandra obviously! … ain’t nuthin abstract about this lady …

Now Sandra Bullock has had quite a career to say the least … I could be here for ages running off all the movies that such a fine lady with her considerable talents can be found in … While You Were Sleeping, 28 Days, Practical Magic (one of my faves) …

but there are a few that are just immortal! Miss Congeniality 1+2 of course and …

the speed movies. But, as per the rules of our Halls of Fame, none of these will do the job of getting our Ms Bullock her rightful throne.

It needs to be Sci-Fi or she can’t come in! Don’t worry folks … Sandra Bullock SHALL go to the ball thanks to this movie …

Yes! does everyone remember Sandra playing the delightful character of the future officer Lenina Huxley? let me refresh your memory …

This role has guaranteed her place in our Halls of Fame to be sure! I mean it’s all there … the gorgeous figure in a uniform, carrying a weapon and giving the bad guys a taste of of justice … Sandra Style!!!! HOT! but this isn’t the only Sci-Fi entry! Ohhhhh no!

The latest news is that Sandra Bullock is going to be starring in the latest Sci-Fi blockbuster “Gravity” where she is an astronought marooned on a space station with George Clooney. I’m looking forward to seeing it!!!

so there we have it! the delicious and gorgeous Sandra Bullock! Finally ready to take her place in our hallowed halls!

… and NOT just because I happen to fancy her something rotten! (although Mrs Pegasus Knight does have a nice ring to it). Our Sandra has earned her place to be sure!

Sandra Bullock! Welcome to the Totally Hot Sci-Fi Chicks Hall of Fame!!! Your throne awaits O Queen of my Heart! HOT! HOT! HOT!

(So I posted more pictures of Sandra than any of the others! Can you blame me? she’s totally hot! … told you I was bias! hahahaaaaaaaaa)

Tricia Helfer

All Hail the absolutely gorgeous Tricia Helfer … the next Totally HOT Sci-fi actress to take her place in our hallowed Hot Sci-Fi Chicks Hall of Fame!

… and our Tricia is well deserved her place for quite a number of reasons. Obviously any Sci-fi fan would know her for this role …

That’s right Cylon No 6 from the epic Battlestar Galactica series! Now, many of you would find it hard to list any other appearance for Tricia (apart from probably adorning every young Sci-fi geeks bedroom wall … and who can blame them! hooo yeah!) but did you know that this gorgeous lady was taking pride of place on bedroom walls long before that?

In 1992 images like the ones you see above were to be seen across the world as Ms Helfer won an accolade that was to bring Tricia to the attention of the world when she was given the title of “1992 Ford Model’s Supermodel of the World” … and well deserved me thinks! ooh yeah!

BUT we who are into Sci-Fi chicks aren’t interested in that sort of thing are we. (he he) no! some kind of model award won’t get you into our halls of fame … but THIS would …

Thats right! Our lovely lady was a star in the animated cartoon of the Green Lantern. (she’s still gorgeous even as an animation!). Tricia Helfer has also made some cameo appearances in several TV series over her career … and you could’nt really miss her in “Chuck and “Warehouse 13”

… and it doesn’t stop there either! If you happened to be attending Comic Con 2012 you would have witnessed Tricia strutting that gorgeous body of hers about the place (why do you think we go!!! it aint to look at the comics!!! he he) and revealing that she will be taking part in this …

that’s right folks! The role of “The Grid” in the new Tron offering will be voiced by the considerable talents of our Ms Helfer! Hurrah! But no matter which way you look at it. Our Tricia is totally accepted into our Totally Hot Sci-fi Chicks Hall of Fame …

phew! how could she not … just take a look for yourself! HOT HOT HOT!!!!

WELCOME to the Totally Hot Sci-Fi Chicks Hall of Fame O Queen of the Cylons … our hallowed halls wouldn’t be complete without your beautiful presence! (i’m going for a cold shower! … )

Carrie-Ann Moss

Yeee haw! time to add another wonderfully hot and totally delicious serving of HOT Sci-fi babedom! And todays serving is none other than …

Carrie-Ann Moss!!! That gorgeous Matrix madame! Yes she has all the necessary characteristics that we all love in our Hot Sci-fi Chicks Hall of Fame … namely looking smokingly hot in shiny skin tight leather and plastics (oooo yeah!) and knows how to pose with her weaponry! (and shoot it of course! yup yup!)

Now our Carrie-Ann will always be immortally remembered for her role in the Matrix Trilogy and deserves her place in our halls just for that … but her many talents just have to be recognised for a few other little “flicks” too …

Thats right … she was just as damned sexy in both of these little beauties … Lethal Tender and of course Red Planet … BUT thats not all folks! Ohhhh no! she’s also known for her absolutely fab acting in this movie …

Just a little “Memento” of her stunning sexiness and her outstanding attributes! ha ha! but one of the most interesting things to come out recently about our Carrie-Ann is not really about her acting prowess or how gorgeous she looks in leather … OR how good she is with a gun and neither for doing her high kicking (every guy’s dream! hooooo yeah!) … nope our Lady Moss is getting to be really famous for these …

That’s right! her FEET!!! I’m not kidding here! She has been voted as having some of the most sexiest feet and legs in HOLLYWOOD! quite an accolade! So much so that in recent foot fetish media (i’m not mentioning which one!!!) our Carrie-Anne’s feet guarantee massive attention from all those people who just pine after her tootsies all day long!!! ( well it takes all sorts I suppose) But no matter the reason why millions of people across the globe adore her, you have to agree on one thing …

Carrie-Ann Moss is well desrved her rightful place in our Totally Hot Sci-fi Chicks Hall of Fame!!! Hurrrrah!

Welcome O Queen of the High Kick and Queen of the sexiest feet in Hollywood! … Your foot stool awaits and I suspect some foot servants shall be along faster than it takes for me to …. Oy! get back! form an orderly line! … behind me! hahahaaaaaaa

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