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Porn … for ladies

This debate has raised it’s head of late so it’s time to investigate whether the subject of adult material for ladies¬†is currently HOT or NOT.

The recent success of “50 Shades of Grey” has surprised many and delighted many others (namely the males across the land who are hoping that some of the antics in the book will inspire the woman in their life to “put words into practice” and become raving nympho’s in their bedrooms over night!)

Well, you need to know that “lady porn” is nothing new at all. What 50 Shades has done is recognise that the delivery method for ladies has always been a tad off base. Most women find visual stimulus boring!

Most women find the above image mildly amusing at best but not really ‘pushing buttons’ where men will find it entertaining and stimulating.

this is because, for men, visual stimulus is where it all begins. They want to see the deed being done! Yes it’s true ladies … monkey see monkey do! But for ladies the whole process begins inside their minds not inside their poontangs.

So it’s simples really … the porn industry is dominated by men and so you get tonnes of visual stuff. Which for ladies is “whateva!” But a little stimulation for her mind and the book flies off the shelf! And i suspect that the world is going to see a lot more porn for ladies coming out of the woodwork … and about time too! Women do like sex just as much you know … oh yes they do!!!

In a nutshell … Porn for ladies is HOT HOT HOT … as long as it stimulates her imagination and her brain … otherwise it’s sooooo NOT HOT!

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All of the subjects and comments written here are for fun and to promote interest in my books and poems. A kind of ‘get to know the author’ thing going on and what inspires me to write what i do.

And besides … It’s all about recognising whats HOT in this world and praising it up! (and putting in that which you should avoid … because its just rubbish!)

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