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This is not just a new mystery variant of a spider … its not even a new evolutionary hybrid … this little beauty is a completely NEW form of arachnid that was recently found hanging on a cave wall in Oregon US … this is a really exciting find because what you see before you is a completely new branch of evolution … Darwin’s theory at work! (the first of many me thinks!)

Extremely Rare!

this is not an unknown species per se … but it is so incredibly rare it’s unreal! now then … competition time! if you can tell me what this adorable creature is … you shall recieve a free copy of my latest book delivered to your door on day of release! the first winning answer shall be posted up and so closing the competition … good luck!

Jellyfish Hunter

Another astounding recent discovery … This amazing little creature is a slug! yup thats right … and what does it do? it floats around the ocean eating jellyfish and you can include the highly poisonous¬†Portugese Man-O-War on its menu! Fantastic! obviously mother nature thought that there are entirely too many jellies out there so a quick DNA change and we got a Jelly Hunter! Fascinating little creature aint it!

A new one on us!

This completely new and unique tiger was discovered recently (location remains a secret) … another example of nature changing and preparing for the next evolutionary jump! not a white tiger … nor an orange one … not albino either … research is still continuing so we’ll let you know what the science boffins decide to call it … once they stop staring at it like a cod fish! excellent! HOT HOT HOT! if you want to make any suggestions for a name for this magnificent animal then please comment. I’d love to hear them …