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Lee Evans – XL Tour Live 2005

A comedy genius!

This link takes you to the full version of his video … and if you haven’t seen it? well why not! okay its over two hours long but it will have you laughing your ass off! … enjoy!

Eminem – Life Story

I’ve been a fan of this guys work for years … both his older stuff and his new album.

This is a short video of Eminem being interviewed about his past and how he grew up … also about how he’s battling drug addiction and how that addiction nearly cost him his life!

Whether you love or hate him … you have GOT to admire this guys guts, determination and ability to fight for what he wants! Respect!

Eminem – Life Story … a little look into one of the best performers in the modern world! HOT!

Robin Williams – Live at the Met

If you’ve never seen this and want a real laugh go watch it! It’s, for me, one of the funniest things ever produced! I’ve given you a link to a sample of it below … but you gotta see the whole thing! It’s on Amazon for a few quid and well worth it! hahahahaaaaaaaa

Robin Williams – Live at the Met

Sooooooo funny!