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Gurkha restaurant – Falmouth

The Gurkha Restaurant – Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

2a The Moor, Falmouth TR11 3QA

Tel 01326 311483


An awesome place to go and eat with friendly excellent service, an extensive menu with plenty of specialist dishes. The waiting staff have a fabulous knowledge of the food and the chefs produce the food at the highest level! These guys also do take-away which is also at their exceptional standards … but … they also do indoor and outdoor catering for special events! I found the place just brilliant in every way and i can’t wait to go back and sample their all you can eat carvery … hoo yeah! well deserved to be placed in our Hall of Fame! bravo! HOT HOT HOT! (and so are their curries! ha ha haaaaaa)

I recommend the lamb! mmmmm tasty indeed! Go there!!! you’ll be glad you did (it’s above the KFC in Falmouth) … tell em Royston the writer sent you!

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The Book of Simon – Book 1 – The Chronicles of Bras Kath.

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All of the subjects and comments written here are for fun and to promote interest in my books and poems. A kind of ‘get to know the author’ thing going on and what inspires me to write what i do.

And besides … It’s all about recognising whats HOT in this world and praising it up! (and putting in that which you should avoid … because its just rubbish!)

Thanks for your interest … I hope you enjoy the posts!

The Pegasus Knight

Titan Car Rental – Hot!

THE place to rent a vehicle in Cape Town, South Africa! The service is excellent! The vehicles are in perfect condition! The booking process is brilliant! I just can’t fault them! Their price is excellent too!

These guys just totally deserve their place in the Hot Business Hall of Fame! Highly Recommended! HOT! HOT!

Tel: +27219333505 or +27829978163

Mike’s Kitchen – Milnerton SA

Mikes Kitchen – Milnerton … as those of you know me, i’m a fully qualified chef of many years and i have recently had the pleasure of having a meal in this place … it was awesome! The service was absolutely fab! the food was divine! (i recommend the steak medallions in the mushroom sauce!) the staff were professional and friendly! an all round excellent place to eat and well worth the money!

A fine addition to the Hot Business Hall of Fame! HOT! If you are ever in Cape Town South Africa and you want steak … dont bother with spur or any other inferior eating house … go to milnerton mikes kitchen! oooo yeah!


B&H Motorcycles … HOT for Harleys!

B&H Motorcycles

Their service is brilliant! Their mail order is excellent! Their custom bike service is world class! If you own a Harley … welcome home! If you don’t then go and speak to Howard the Harley God n Guru who will sort out that little problem for you! we all know that bikes are HOT and that owning a harley is the pinnacle of that HOT category … and B&H Motorcycles is at the top of their field!

A Truly World class Business guys and you have totally earned your All Time HOT Hall of Fame status! HOT HOT HOT!

Pegasus Knight recommends!