Liv Tyler

yesssss! it’s Hot Sci-fi Chick Hall of Fame time again!

And ” gracing” our presence is the absolutely gorgeous Liv Tyler! … did you get the “Grace” bit? no?

what about now? ha ha … that’s right our Liv played Grace from the awesome Sci-fi flick Armageddon! but our Liv has done more yessir! You saw her as the beautiful and elegent Arwen from the Lord of the Rings trilogy …

But thats not the be all and end all of Liv Tyler’s contribution to the world of sci-fi … oh no! This fantastic actress was in another cult movie …

She starred in The Incredible Hulk alongside a big green and angry geeza! well the Hulk had to have someone to calm the savage beast (and she can calm me anytime! wooohooo!).

Liv has been in many productions over her wondeful career … but these movies are what has guaranteed her place in out Hot Sci-fi Chicks Hall of Fame … The general response from the office here is that she’s “Cute” but possibly not in the HOT category … you know what i say to that? Take a real good look at this …

Now THATS what i call HOT HOT HOT! and Liv Tyler well and truly deserves her place in our hallowed Hall of Hot Sci-fi Chicks! … I rest my case your honor!!! i mean I would definitely date her!!! hooo yeah!

Welcome o feisty and gracefully HOT queen of Elfdom!