America! what are you doing!?!

American Idol was on the television and we have been following the competition avidly from the beginning as we do with all the talent type shows …

now then – we have consistently picked the finalists and the top slot … SA Idol, Britains Got Talent, X-Factor, etc, etc … and we have chosen our peeps for the final – Colton was amongst them until tonight!!!

Come on America!!! many of those who keep getting through are consistently screaming at us rather than singing, constantly messing up the feel of songs that are totally awesome and beautiful and there’s an element of bigging up a certain young man and standing ovations for yelling and screaming … well, one judge stands and drags the others up!!

Sit down sir! You know who you are! … stop getting up and embarrasing yourself!

And Mr T … you are a rock god and we LOVE you! you so know what you are talking about … if its bad dude … it’s ok – you need not worry about telling them … and … with respect my lord, if you don’t wish to stand – don’t … The guy on the other end can stand if he wants to .. every time you get up after coaxing it looks like you are being cohersed into it! speaking of talent … you are the most talented amongst the judges and the word of America rests with you! Use it wisely sir

The Pegasus Knight

Ginger Ninja – New Book for Children

This is the link to my new book for children … its had awesome reviews and is one of 10

Published primarily as an Ebook but soon will be placed on bookshelves across the world! Very exciting times indeed

find out more information on

A very difficult genre to write for and as such new material for children of this age to read and connect with are few and far between. After consulting with several primary school teachers I decided to give it some research and see whether i could write for younger children … i think i got it right there but it is always continuing to evolve and improve.

I have further ideas for interactive books and reading experiences for younger children which i am developing

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